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Equipment Donations

The North Penn Dragons Lacrosse Club seeks ways to expand the growth of lacrosse in our community as well as control costs to our membership.  As parents of lacrosse players, we aware of the expense of new gear as our children outgrow their equipment.


Although the Dragons are able to supply rental equipment for players typically in grades K-4th, initial costs can be a deterrent for families who want to try lacrosse for the first time, or continue with the sport but cannot afford to replace rapidly outgrown equipment.


Starting in 2016, the Dragons will introduce a new program called the "Pass it Forward Equipment Recycling Program".  This program will allow families with old/outsized gear (sticks/ helmets/ pads/cleat/etc.)to donate usable gear, which can then be provided to new players or current players in need of larger equipment. 

Please consider gathering all your outgrown /unused equipment taking up space in your closets, basements, and garages and consider donating to the Dragons Pass it Forward program!


We will collect donations during our upcoming Winter seasons as well as club meetings.  For more information, you may contact Patrick Sloan at:  


More information will be available as we approach the Spring season with what equipment is available and how to request equipment for your player(s)!


Thank you in advance for consideration and support!